‘Catching Falling Stars’ gets shortlisted!

‘Catching Falling Stars’ gets shortlisted!

‘Catching Falling Stars’ gets shortlisted!

November 25, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Wow, it’s been quite a week for ‘CATCHING FALLING STARS’, my evacuee novel, which came out last year. First, on Tuesday, I visited Redwood Primary in Lincoln to do some workshops based on the book, only to discover the Year5&6s had used it for their WW2 topic and had done some amazing work around it. (VERY flattering for an author, finding out their wee story has taken on a life of its own!)


Then on Thursday, an e-mail arrived, telling me that ‘CATCHING FALLING STARS’ had been shortlisted for the Haringey Children’s Book Award! This is especially lovely, as it’s the borough I live in (and love) and the book is partly set in Haringey… it’s home to my characters Glory and Rich, before they find themselves evacuated to Essex.


I’m also thrilled because three of my older Haringey neighbours helped with it… Alice told me about her childhood in the area, growing up with the smell of sugar in the air from the local sweet factory (I opened the book with that image), Roger painted a picture of his family hunkered in the Anderson Shelter in the back garden and the effects of a bomb landing close by, and Bryn read the book to check I had period details right.


The Awards are a way off (not till next April), so it’ll be a while till I can tell you how my little book fared (and there are FIVE other fabulous books on the shortlist), but for now… well, I’ll be the person walking around with a big goofy smile on my face!

Till next time,

Karen McC xx

Dizzy's hoping someone will turn the pages for her...

Dizzy’s hoping someone will turn the pages for her…


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    December 4, 2016

    Hi Karen McCombie,

    That One crazy teen girl is me. I can’t believe that you actually Replied to the Ally’s World Book. If you can make it I would like you to visit New Zealand, Wellington sometime! If you do can you come to Johnsonville School! PLEASE! I really like your books! Specially The Angels and You me and thing.


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