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• TEACHERS & LIBRARIANS: If you’d like me to come to your school or library, please get in touch with Authors Aloud UK, who arrange my visits for me.

If you’d like to contact my lovely AGENT Hilary Delamere, you can find her at The Agency

For more on my individual book publishers…
The website of Scholastic Books, who published my bestselling ‘Ally’s World’ series, plus novels such as ‘The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall’, ‘Catching Falling Stars’, ‘The Girl Who Wasn’t There’ and ‘Life According to Alice B. Lovely’.
The website of Puffin Books who publish the ‘Angels Next Door’ trilogy; ‘Angels Next Door’, ‘Angels in Training’ and ‘Angels Like Me’.
The website of Faber Childrens Books, who publish my newest series ‘You, Me & Thing’.
The website of inclusive, dylslexia-friendly publishers Barrington Stoke. Titles I’ve written for them include ‘Candy Girl’, ‘Honey and Me’ and ‘The OMG! Blog’.
The website of Walker Books, who publish ‘Indie Kidd’ series.