Angels Next Door


Riley’s best friend has just gone away forever and Lauren ‘Queen of Everything’ Mayhew is making school a nightmare. It looks like she’s on her own – until the three Angelos sisters move in next door.

Her new neighbours are  . . . different. Colourful and sparkly they stand out, especially at school. It’s not just their names or how they dress – there’s something magical about them. And since they arrived there’s been loads of strange coincidences.

Who are these new girls and what’s with all the glitter?

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The story behind the dedication
“For Milly, my wee angel…”
Milly is my gorgeous daughter, who is so sunshiney and kind, funny and fabulous that I really do feel like she’s landed – like an angel – slap-bang into my life. So she just HAD to have the dedication in this book, didn’t she?