Molly’s totally blissed out. Exams are over, she’s landed a summer job and she’s going on holiday with her two best mates…  Fate’s definitely smiling on her. Or is it? As things start to fall apart, Molly decides that Fate’s not so much smiling as having a laugh at her expense….
(BTW: In case you were confused, this is a re-release of ‘Blissed Out’, with a new cover and tweaked title!)

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The story behind the dedications
“For Marina, who started the whole ball rolling”
Marina is my friend from when we used to work together on UK teen magazines like J17 (which doesn’t exist any more) and Sugar. When Sugar magazine launched, Marina asked me to write short stories for it… after that, I thought it would be fun to write proper books and started down that path. So thank you for inspiring me, Marina!