Deep Joy, Or Something Like It

Sadie Rocks - Deep Joy, or Something Like It

Naff dance routines, corny tunes and psychedelic shorts galore – yep, having a brother in a boy-band is big time cringey. Still, Sadie can’t help wondering…what would life be like if she was the centre of attention?

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First Chapter
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The story behind the dedications

“For Betty L. ‘For warmest thoughts and wishes, to travel where you are…”
Betty was a bit of a token granny to me, and always gave me Christmas presents, along with her real grandkids. One particular pressie that I’m very fond of is a fantastically corny but cute tartan wall-plaque with this mini-poem on it: “Although we’re not together, No distance is too far, For warmest thoughts and wishes, To travel where you are“. Gets me twinkly-eyed every time!