Fagin’s Girl

Orphan Ettie Shaw is all alone on the streets of London, with no home and no money. Her luck changes when she runs into her long-lost brother Joe, who wants to look after her. But it’s tricky. Joe now works for a man called Fagin, along with lots of other boys. The only way Ettie can join him is if she disguises herself as a boy too.
At first Ettie doesn’t realise that Fagin’s gang are thieves. But soon Fagin demands that Ettie go out pickpocketing with Joe. Will the truth – and danger – come between brother and sister?

Published by Barrington Stoke

Price: £6.99
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The story behind the dedication
 ‘For Eddy, just because…’
My kid got a new nickname along the way, which has now stuck. So I thought that deserved a dedication, to celebrate!