How to be a Human

How To Be A Human_HI-RES
Kiki has been dumped by the Popular Crew and is feeling the pain of rejection.
Wes is a loner and an easy target for the bullies.
Both could use a friend.
The Star Boy is marooned on Earth, awaiting rescue. From the safety of the basement of Fairfield Academy he watches the humans, particularly Kiki and Wes. But soon studying them from afar isn’t enough and, keen to uncover just what it means to be a human, the Star Boy follows them into school and into their lives…
Could the stars have aligned for the most unusual friendship?

Published by Stripes

Price: £6.99
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The story behind the dedication
For Zulaykha Munye with lots of love’
In my last Newsletter, I ran a competition to have a dedication in this particular book. And Zulaykha won! You can sign up here on the site and you’ll be sent future Newsletters… with more competitions to enter.