‘Life According To Alice B. Lovely’


“I do not, repeat do NOT, need a NANNY!”

Edie Evans is sick of being treated like a kid. And will do anything (ANYTHING) she can to be left alone to look after herself.

But then along comes the strange, the shy, the captivating Alice B. Lovely.

Suddenly life is looking weirdly sparkly…

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The story behind the dedications
For the laidback Mr Gum-Joy”
The first time I saw Mr Gum-Joy, I thought he’d collapsed in the street. Then I looked closer and saw that he was actually lying flat out, painting tiny scenes on old bits of dried out chewing gum, beautifying them! I only see him once in a blue moon, and often from a distance, so I’ve never talked to him. But if you read ‘Alice B. Lovely’, you’ll see straight away that’s he inspired a storyline in my book! You can see his actual art here.