Marshmallow Magic And The Wild Rose Rouge


Lemmie Ferguson loves her 18-year-old sister Rose more than you can imagine. To Lemmie, Rose is everything – a best friend, hero, goddess.
Rose Rouge is impetuous, wild and ArTy.
Rose Rouge is FUN.
And thanks to the remarkable Rose, and Lemmie’s own special marshmallow magic – her rainbow-coloured, vanilla-flavoured, sugar-spun way of looking at the world – Lemmie’s life is bright and glittery and gorgeous.
But Lemmie’s trying to forget that life hasn’t always been so sweet. And then the bullying, bossy Sian starts at school, and threatens to rub the sparkle off everything once and for all. Lemmie needs extra marshmallow magic now. She needs Rose Rouge. But where is she?

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First Chapter
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The story behind the dedications
“For Stanley, who was there, and then wasn’t”
A dedication for my big brother Stanley, who died when I was eleven.