Rainbows, Rowan and True, True Romance(?)

ALLY 11 Rainbows_resized

Alfie, Alfie, Alfie… how deeply cool can one boy be? And not only is he drop-dead yum, but he’s sweet and kind and has single-handedly turned Rowan into a local celebrity! So why is Linn less than chuffed about this? Well, my sisters might be having hissy fits, but at least Mum and Dad are definitely back together, right? Er, wrong…

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The story behind the dedications
“For my top three teachers ever: Miss Thomson (Sunnybank School), Miss McIver (Skene Square School) and Mr Constable (Aberdeen Grammar School)” Well, school can sometimes be a bit of a drag, but there are always some brilliant, funny, inspiring teachers along the way, aren’t there?