Sisters, Super-creeps and Slushy, Gushy Love Songs

ALLY 6 Sisters

Love idol or Top of the Flops? OK, so Linn is usually as approachable as grumpy wasp, but now she’s got a boyfriend – Q, the lead singer in Chazza’s band – maybe she’ll start chilling out. Problem is, Linn thinks he’s super-cool, so why do me and Rowan get the distinct impression that he’s actually a super-creep?

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The story behind the dedications
“For Cecy (aged 14), even though she’s never read any of my books. (She keeps making excuses about how hard it is to turn the pages when you’ve only got paws.)” Cecy was my darling (oldest) cat, who died aged a very respectable 17 (80-something in cat years). She was a grump-bag who hissed and scratched, but she could still be adorable. (She always “prrrped” hello when you came into the room.)