Six Words and a Wish


“My family is a bit… well… unusual.
My dad’s a clown (literally).
My mum runs a dippy café for kids called Yummy Fun.
My dog is old, round, and a bit mad.
My house is full of Christmas decorations (it’s July).
And my sister Gracie is gone.
She got sick of us and ran away two years ago… and I think it might be my fault.
But there have been some strange coincidences lately that have made me and Iris (my best friend) wonder if maybe Gracie is closer than we thought…
Is she ever coming home?”

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The story behind the dedications
For whoever lives at No. 32…”
This book was inspired by a small something – a tiny Christmas tree that’s permanently on show in the front window of a house not too far from where I live. I don’t know the people there and don’t know why they keep it up year-round, but the tree got me inventing a whole imaginary family and world around it!