St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-Along Zombies


Book 3 in the ‘St Grizzle’s’ series

I’m having a TON of fun at St Grizzle’s but Arch, my best friend back home, has just posted a mini-movie featuring an ARMY of LOO-ROLL ZOMBIES looking grey and glum. I’m worried that he’s not-cheerful-at-all in REAL life, but he won’t say why.

And that’s not the only MYSTERY. We have a new arrival at school – super-smart Boudicca. She’s barely said a word to anyone and has a terrible habit of VANISHING in the night. The teachers think she’ll soon settle in but I am filled with a WRIGGLY NIGGLE of doubt…

Published by Stripes

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The story behind the dedication

“For William Baldwin and Karine”
Karine has designed and looked after my website for years now… how would I manage without her techno wizardry and know-how? And William, well, he’s her super-cute son!