St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Ghosts and Runaway Grannies

St Grizzle's School for Girls Goats and Runaway Grannies CVR

Book 2 in the ‘St Grizzle’s’ series

It’s hard to take your headteacher seriously when she’s wearing a unicorn onesie, but Dani’s LOVING it at St Grizzle’s. There’re pyjama assemblies, tree-house-building classes and a loopy goat called Twinkle. Better still, Dani’s just found out the school’s entering a short film competition and the head had made Dani the director!
Her head is fizzing with ideas, but it’s impossible to concentrate with all the WHISPERING And HUBUBBING and WEIRDNESS going on.
And don’t get Dani started on the GHOST IN THE GARDEN!

Published by Stripes

Price: £5.99
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The story behind the dedication
“For Naina, the Pickled Pepper Girl!”
Pickled Pepper Books is my local children’s bookshop. Owners Urmi and Steven are great, and totally passionate about what they do. Their kids are lovely too – and their oldest, Naina, is a complete book-eating girl. SO it was only right and fair that I dedicated a book to her!