The Boy Who Stole The Pharaoh’s Lunch


While awaiting punishment for his latest piece of mischief, prankster Seth picks up a golden amulet from his teacher’s desk and is whisked back in time to Ancient Egypt.
In a village by the Nile, Seth enjoys working for the tradesmen and has fun playing with the children. But when he steps in to save a pet hyena that was destined to become the Pharaoh’s lunch, Seth risks turning the villagers against him.
Will he ever be able to escape and find his way back to his own time?

Published by Barrington Stoke

Price: £7.99
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The story behind the dedication

‘For Catriona Keelen’
Catriona was a huge fan of my ‘You, Me and Thing’ books, and wrote me a letter to say so. The trouble was, I didn’t get the letter for five years, due to the postman delivering it to the wrong house, and the landlord only finding it in a pile of old mail when his tenants moved out! So poor Catriona had to wait SO long for a reply, I figured she deserved a dedication!!