The Girl Who Wasn’t There


Maisie doesn’t believe in ghosts…

But when she starts at her new school, there are rumours – of a long-gone girl who wanders the halls, Could this be the pale face, the whisper of white that Maisie’s spotted in the art-room window at night?

Together with her friend Kat, Maisie longs to learn more about the school ghost. Who was she? What happened to her? Then Kat comes across a photograph of something Maisie never expected to see…

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Price: £6.99
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The story behind the dedications

“With love to Ms Lovegood… a.k.a. Sami!”

Sami is all grown up and at art school now, but she was a fan of my books when she was younger. We bumped into each other on Twitter and it’s fun seeing what the creative Ms Lovegood is up to!

Here’s a 5-star review of ‘The Girl Who Wasn’t There’ by Ellie Lewis. Thanks, Ellie!