The Lost Diary of Sami Star

Sami Star
Hello? Am I invisible?
Life is hard for Hannah at the moment. At home, everyone’s always arguing, and when she tries to talk to her friends, it feels like they’re not really there for her.
But everything changes when she comes across an abandoned diary in the park. It belongs to a girl called Sami Star, and fun-loving Sami sounds JUST the sort of friend Hannah needs.
Little does Hannah know that Sami needs her too…

Published by Barrington Stoke

Price: £5.99
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The story behind the dedication

“For Little Miss Sunshine, Carrie Joyce”

Carrie is my little niece, and she’s just found out she’s dyslexic. This book, like all books from this particular publisher, is designed so that everyone can read it, including readers with dyslexia (it’s printed on special coloured paper and uses an easy-to-decode font) so it’s the perfect book to dedicate to her!