The Raspberry Rules


Greetings! I’m Rowan Love, and a few things have been bothering me. Am I really annoying? Was it a mistake to sew felt squirrels on to a pair of knickers? Can I get away with wearing sequins, ribbons and two shades of nail varnish to school? Has my best friend ditched me? And is writing rules for life on my raspberry-pink bedroom wall a weird thing to do?’
Dip into Rowan’s secret diary, and discover her sparkly, silly and seriously addictive world!

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The story behind the dedications
“For Wilfred and Ing at the Ally Pally Garden Centre Café (ie my other office, only with cake)”
Wilf and Ing have gone on to cake-pastures new, but there’s still a cafe (and so still a second office for me!) at the garden centre – hurray!