The Seventeen Secrets of the Karma Club


Good karma: if you do nice things for other people,
nice things will happen to you.
But Kezzy reckons it’s even better if you keep your do-gooding secret. Because secrets are fun, right? Wrong…

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First Chapter
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The story behind the dedications
“For Bel Cowie, though we never did meet…”
Bel was a local artist in Aberdeen, where I grew up. I used to see her prints in exhibitions, and my parents bought me one for passing all my exams when I was seventeen. When I went to college to do graphic design, one of my lecturers asked me if I was related to Bel, as I looked so like her. Of course, I wasn’t, and hadn’t even met her, but hoped I would one day. Sadly, it didn’t happen, as she suddenly died soon after, but I still have her print on my office wall.