Every year, thousands of Year 7&8 students in participating schools across England and Wales get the chance to get their hands on a FREE book!  (FREE!! How much of a bargain is THAT?!?)

It’s all thanks to Bookbuzz, which is run by literacy charity Book Trust. They carefully select 17 books to suit all reading interests and abilities, and students get to learn more about each book before they make their choice.

I’m very chuffed that my quick-read novel ‘The Mystery of Me‘ (from inclusive publishers Barrington Stoke) has been picked as one of the choices. *Karen does a little happy dance!*

Ooh, a biscuit in a tin to celebrate my book’s nomination? Don’t mind if I do! *Pops off to put kettle on…*


Now ONE of the ways students find out about the books available is to check out the Book Trust website, where authors will be featured on mini-vids, explaining what their book is all about. Filming happened last Friday (15th of June), and I WASN’T NERVOUS AT ALL. Nope, not even a tiny bit. Well, maybe a tiny bit. #gulp

I’ll let you know when it goes live on the site, so you can take a peek. Just promise you won’t laugh at how much my voice wobbled!

Karen McCombie :c)

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