‘Catching Falling Stars’ love letter

“Hi, Karen! I’ve just read Catching Falling Stars and it’s my favourite book!  I love it SO much that I dressed up as Jess for World Book Day.  I think that you should make a film of it! I stayed up until 11pm last night reading it as I wanted to know what happened next – it was too exciting!  My mum even took a picture of me reading it.  I would just like to say you are a brilliant author and carrying on writing more books!”
Love, Eithne, aged 10
Well, Eithne, thank you SO much for your e-mail and photo! I loved writing this book – reading so many real-life accounts of evacuee children was absolutely fascinating. This non-fiction book in particular – ‘Send Them To Safety’ – helped my research a lot… you’d probably really enjoy it, and it would be great to let your teacher know about it too, as it would be great when your class comes to study WW2 as your topic!

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