Daredevil Dolly!

Can you imagine being sixteen, having half-an-hour’s training and then jumping out of a hot air balloon with a flimsy parachute?

That was how the brave and daring Dolly Shepherd began her career as an aeronaut in 1904, and I’ve loved telling her true-life story in my new book ‘The Girl With Her Head in the Clouds’.

Image copyright of JHK estate agent

Dolly’s first jump happened on my doorstep – practically! I live near to Alexandra Palace in north London, an amazing building and park that’s been host to events, fairs and fun since Victorian times. I’ve known Dolly’s story for years, and thought it was about time I let more people hear about her amazing but often dangerous job!

Hope you love Dolly’s spirit as much as I do…

Karen McCombie :c)

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