Happy 2018 to you and you and YOOOO!

Me and my festive, er, parrot…

Hope your holidays have been as laidback as mine… we’ve done lots of mooching and lazing and laughing the last few days! We’ve squeezed in visits with friends and nice walks too (practically had to DRAG my husband and teen daughter on the walks though… ha!). Dizzy cat was particularly chuffed to have everyone home and not working – all the more lap time for her.


And of course it’s time to say goodbye to 2017, a year when I had four books published; mystery/history novel ‘The Pearl in the Attic‘, the first two in my ‘St Grizzle’s School‘ series, plus quick-read ‘The Mystery of Me‘. If you’ve had a chance to read one of them – OR any of my other books – then do drop me a review and I’ll feature it here on the website.

There are more books to come in 2018… I’ll update you on those soon! After all, there’s still some serious mooching and lazing to be done before the New Year gets going properly. And I can hear Dizzy meowling for me now, wondering why her cushion (ie my lap) isn’t on the sofa… #prrrr.

Karen McCombie :c)

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