As I said to the schools I visited this week in Hackney (looking at YOU, Sebright, Daubeney and Lauriston!), World Book Day is SO popular these days that it’s more like World Book Day WEEK! Wait a minute… I’m doing more visits next week, so does that make it World Book Day Fortnight?!?

But as you might have noticed, there’s a lot of that white stuff out there…

Here I am in Narnia. Okay, I lied… it’s Hackney! #schoolvisit #WorldBookDayWeek

…and sadly, with transport hassles, I haven’t made it to today’s school in Leicester (all the sozzes, Beaumont Leys!) and tomorrow’s is postponed as well (hope to see you soon, though, Townley!).

So if you’ve made it into school, I hope it’s a fun and chilled-out World Book Day where you are, and if you’re at home, enjoy your Snow Day! Me? I’m cuddled by the radiator, and working on the next book…

Karen McCombie :c)


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