How To Be A Human!

What would YOU do if you found a stranded alien hiding in your school? Kiki and Wes don’t know each other very well, but they have to team up pretty quickly when they realise they’re the only ones who can help the lost and far-from-home Star Boy. And of course helping the alien means teaching him how to be human, so that he can stay hidden – in plain sight!

Kiki and Wes find a new friend who’s, er, out of this world!

How To Be A Human‘ is out in August ’21 (Little Tiger). I particularly love the lettering style of the cover, by illustrator Thy Bui. Thy specialises in hand-drawn typography, and has been responsible for a whole pile of recent books and novels. Check out Thy’s awe-inspiringly good work here

Photo-bombing courtesy of Dizzy Cat!

If you get a chance to read ‘How To Be A Human‘, feel free to send me a review, or post it on Amazon or other book-centric sites!


Karen McCombie :c)

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