Meet my 100th book!

What a start to the year! It’s only January 5th, and today my 100th published book – ‘The Mystery of Flat 6B’ – hits the bookshelves (real and virtual).

When I wrote my first book more than 20 years ago, I didn’t know if I’d ever be lucky enough to have a second one commissioned and published… it would have blown my mind to think I’d have a stack of novels and series behind me, and hit this particular milestone!

‘The Mystery of Flat 6B’ (Bloomsbury) is a short, quick-read novel, which tells the story of JoJo, who’s moving into a big block of flats with his dad. JoJo’s not too happy about leaving his old life and old friends behind, and is even less happy when he finds out that there’s something VERY peculiar going on in his next-door-neighbour’s flat…

And I’m not stopping at 100! My 101st book – ‘The Broken Dragon’ – is due out in February ’23, closely followed by ‘The Boy Who Stole The Pharaoh’s Lunch’ in May (number 102!). Here’s a sneak peek of them both!

Lots of book-ish love,
Karen McCombie :c)