Monsters are coming…

Granny’s Little Monsters‘ is a brand new story I’ve written for younger readers (out August ’21 from Barrington Stoke). My own little monster (Bonnie the Westie pup) is very keen on it. Not the story so much as seeing how chewy the book is…

As you can see from her muzzle, Bonnie is just as mad about mud as one of the monsters in this book.

As for the story, it’s about cousins Zac and Essie, who try to help their granny find the perfect pet. But when they go mudlarking at the river one day, they find a Unexpected Something, which Granny decides to take home and keep. [SPOILER: Unexpected Somethings found lurking in the mud do NOT make good pets!]

I am clearly almost as furry as my dog. But at least I don’t try to eat books.

Maybe you know a younger someone who might like to read this, or have it read to them!

Monster big love to you…

Karen McCombie :c)

PS It’s packed with great illustrations by Lee Cosgrove. You can see more of Lee’s amazing work here!

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