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*Eek!* My newbie book – ‘St Grizzle’s School For Girls, Goats and Random Boys‘ will hit the shops very soon… next week, to be precise! And there’s nothing like an early review to make an author feel like tap-dancing across the kitchen floor, scaring the cat! (Sorry, Dizzy…)

St Grizzle's review

I’m loving the illustrations in it, by Becka Moor. When my publisher told me they’d asked her to work on my book, I was SO chuffed. She’s got this quirky style that suits the story really well, I think. I sniggered out loud when I saw she’d draped loo roll around the entrance gates of St Grizzle’s…

StGholding StGback cover

If any of you fancy sending me a review of ‘St Grizzle’s School For Girls, Goats and Random Boys’ down the line, then please do – you can ping it to me here.

Oh, and yes, it IS a very long title, which is hard to hashtag, I’ve been told. But, hey, I like to give my readers a challenge! #StGrizzlesSchoolForGirlsGoatsAndRandomBoys

Happy 2017 to you all! *mwah!*

Karen McCombie :c)



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