New book out TODAY!! #YAY

Yep, ‘How To Hide An Alien‘ – sequel to ‘How To Be A Human’ – has its book birthday today! If you want to find out more about the continuing adventures of the stranded alien Star Boy – and his bewildered human friends Kiki and Wes – it’s all here, ready and waiting for you…
Expect strange pings and pangs, electrical weirdness, one VERY risky sighting of the Star Boy in his alien form plus Ghost Train shenanigans!

In fact, a visiting fair plays a big part in ‘How To Hide An Alien’, and it’s based on the amazing vintage Carter’s Steam Fair which is currently doing its very last tour of the UK this summer. Do try and catch Carter’s if it comes your way!

And hope you love Star Boy’s latest story. Bonnie certainly can’t wait to read it, obviously!

Karen McCombie :c)