New member of the family!

There’s a new pup in the house – how will I ever get any work done with this amount of cuteness to distract me?

Her name is Bonnie and she’s 12 weeks old. She’s a West Highland Terrier, which is a Scottish breed, and they’re very smart and sensible. Except Bonnie is only a puppy, so she’s currently a bit of a fluffy idiot, trying to eat lots of things that she mustn’t, like snails, spoons, ankles and pebbles.

And before you ask, yes, I’m sure she’s going to make an appearance in a future book!

Right, while Bonnie is snoozing I’m going to tidy up her favourite toys (ie anything from the recycling bin!) and get started writing my next book…

Karen McCombie :c)

PS For more puppy pics, do nosey at my Instagram feed… it’s so puppy-tastic these days that Dizzy the cat is getting v. jealous!

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