Or to be more exact, my new (short) novel ‘The OMG! Blog’ is out now. It’s published by Barrington Stoke books, who also publish my quick reads ‘Candy Girl’, ‘Running From The Rainbow’, ‘Sweetness and Lies’, ‘The Girl With the Sunshine Smile’ and last year’s ‘Honey and Me’.

All the authors and illustrators who work for Barrington Stoke have a real fondness for the company; they’re properly inclusive, making short books that work whether you’re a confident reader or not, while each book is specially edited and produced so they’re accessible to anyone with dyslexia or other reading issues.

BTW, ‘OMG’ doesn’t stand for what you might THINK it does… When four girls get thrown together in detention, they end up moaning about their mad mothers. Next thing, they’re entering a school competition to develop a blog-site. Their entry is ‘The OMG! Blog’, ie ‘Our Mums; Grrr!’

Hope you enjoy it, whether your own mum makes YOU go “grrr!” or not…

Karen McCombie x

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