The Boy Who Stole The Pharaoh’s Lunch

*TAH-DAH!!* My newest book is out today! ‘The Boy Who Stole The Pharaoh’s Lunch’ is a time-slip novel, where Seth – a modern day schoolboy and class clown – finds himself whisked back to #AncientEgypt.

Seth’s adventure starts after a prank gone wrong. When he bursts into an assembly in an unravelling ‘mummy’ costume, Seth expects everyone to find it very funny… except most of the younger kids are traumatised. #UhOh

Next thing Seth finds himself waiting alone in his teacher’s office for a telling-off. But after fidgeting nervously with an Egyptian amulet on Mr Ali’s desk, Seth suddenly feels the chill of water, and opens his eyes to find himself chest-deep in the Nile.

Of course there are loads of totally amazing non-fiction books about Ancient Egypt (I used many of them for my research). And there are plenty of excellent fiction books too, featuring exciting stories about treasure and tombs, pyramids and curses! But in my story, I really wanted to give a snapshot of how ordinary children and their families lived in those long-ago times.

If you want to find out more, then check out today’s blogpost on Books For Topics, including the tale of the unknown teacher from Twitter whose story inspired the scene with the unravelling mummy!

Happy reading,

Karen McCombie :c)