Welcome to my shiny new website!

Yep, it was time for a spring-clean (er, summer-clean?), so here you are, gazing upon my all-new, easy-to-mooch-around website!

I’ll be blogging here regularly, so do check in now and again to see what interesting/weird/dumb stuff I’ve been posting.

For example, I’ll be telling you what I’m up to, giving sneak peeks into my writing world, recommending books I’m reading, recommending books YOU’VE been reading (so do write in!) and more.

And yes, there’ll be cat pictures, because it’s MY site and I can do what I like! (Cue mad scientist “Mwah-ha-ha!”s…)

Oh, and do sign-up to my site too, so that you’ll be the first to know about competitions, upcoming books and random allsorts-ness…

See you back here soon!

Karen McCombie x

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