Whoop, whoop!

Today I’m celebrating the 15th anniversary of ‘ALLY’S WORLD‘… Can’t believe how time has zipped by, but it really was fifteen years ago today that the first book in my best-selling ‘Ally’s World series – ‘The Past, The Present and the Loud, Loud Girl‘ – was published. #faintswithshock #howcanitbethatlongago #erk!


I set the series around about where I live – close to Alexandra Palace in north London – even naming the heroine Ally after the Palace itself (everyone calls it Ally Pally locally!).

Over the years, the series was reprinted with different ‘looks’, but I’m still so fond of the lovely, quirky illustrations first-time around, by lovely, quirky Spike Gerrell. The books might be harder to find in shops nowadays, but it’s great to go into public and school libraries and see that Ally is as popular as ever. *Go, Ally! Go, Ally!*

Karen McCombie :c) 

3 thoughts on “Whoop, whoop!”

  1. One Crazy Teen Girl

    Hi Karen Mccombie!
    I can’t believe it I recently started reading Ally’s world books in New Zealand, Wellington! I didn’t know you wrote them 15 years ago! They are as modern as ever! This is my first time on your website so please reply.

    One Crazy Teen Girl

    1. Hello! Yep, 15 years ago sounds like a long time to me too! But I’m glad you think the books read just as fresh here in 2016. I live in ‘Ally’s World’ (well, around Alexandra Palace in North London, to be technical!), and I always feel like I might just turn a corner, or go into the pet shop, and bump into Ally herself…

  2. Hmmm… Cerys. That IS a pretty name, and one I’ve never used. Well, no promises, but I may just add that to my list of possible names for future characters!

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