Whoo-hoo! It’s *GIVEAWAY* o’clock!

The Starboy is a young alien stranded on earth. Kiki and Wes are two Year 7s who don’t fit in. If you want to know more about their out-of-this-world friendship, then you can can enter my giveaway here! I’ve got 3 sets of HOW TO BE A HUMAN and HOW TO BE AN ALIEN, and they can be PERSONALLY signed to you (if you’re you!) or your school (if you’re a teacher or librarian!).

Just answer this Q: Which ordinary, earthly item or custom do you think an alien might be confused by, and why? Ping your answers to me at karenmccombieauthor@gmail.com . (Closing date: Tuesday 29 November ’22. UK & Ireland entrants only – sorry and thanks for understanding!)

Looking forward to reading your random answers!

Karen McCombie :c)